How Safe Are Airplane Travels During the Pandemic?

Planes are the most important means of transportation for safe travel, thanks to the air filter used and the extra precautions taken. So, what are the features that make the environment of planes safer than spending time at other public venues? What are the measures taken and how effective are they? Should we really choose planes when we’re going on vacation as the summer has come? Researches have helped answer these questions and made it possible to understand how safe airplanes are during the pandemic.


First of all, it should be noted that a “high efficiency particle absorption filter” called “HEPA” is used to clean the air inside the aircraft. These filters, which clean 99.9% of the entire air within the aircraft’s every 3 minutes, mix the air taken from the outside of the aircraft by the engine with the converted air in the cabin, and this air is passed into the aircraft by passing through HEPA filters, which are also used in hospital operating rooms. The cleaned air is directed to the passengers from the devices on top of each seat, thus providing a cumulative circulation. When it comes to the parts of the aircraft such as kitchen and toilet, this fresh air coming from outside is funneled directly. According to scientists, Covid 19 viruses are about 125 nanometers in diameter, but HEPA filters can capture particles that are 10 nanometers and larger in diameter. In this way, Covid 19 viruses that can potentially be found in the aircraft can be directly thrown out through HEPA filters.


Of course, the precautions are not limited to HEPA filters only. Aircrafts are also thoroughly sterilized after each flight, with all the possible surfaces that passengers may come into contact with.


In addition, the express baggage services implemented at many airports recently give passengers the opportunity to deliver their baggage directly and without waiting in lines. In the same way, with the mobile 2-d matrixes serving as boarding passes, passengers can board without having to contact with airline officers. Therefore, it has become possible for a passenger to proceed all the way to the airplane from the entrance of the airport, without having to contact anyone closely.


Another precaution is the use of artificial intelligence-assisted fever measurement devices and heat-sensitive cameras at airports. With the help of these devices, passengers showing the symptom of high fever can be intervened quickly at the airports.


When all these measures are combined with the the passengers wearing face masks, keeping the social distance and complying with the hygiene rules at the airports and on the plane, all that remains is to enjoy a beautiful, healthy and safe holiday.